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What your brother told to you was mean. I don't need to know your situation and even know you at all, but I think he's such an asshole, because he hurt you and probably - he knew that. Words can hurt, especially form people we keep close. You great person; you have a great followers who supports you in time like that. Don't let anyone changes anything about you, especially what you think about yourself and what you look like. (sorry, I'm from poland, I can made mistakes, but i like you c:)

Oh golly gee  /)ᴗ(\ thank you so much! this is really sweet and yea, my brother (who is just like my father btw) can hurt people with words waaaaaaaaay too good, and he knows it

but when my mom accuses him of hurting me/her verbally he only scoffs and says ”trust me, if I’d really try to hurt you, you’d be crying and screaming on the floor” (at least he said that to me once)

ain’t he an asshole

I know he is

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Sketches of Eren from my fic

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Oh my fucking holy shit I just read that stuff about what your brother said to you. I just wanted you to know that matter what he may say that you are beautiful. I'm sure that he'll realize what he said was unwarranted some time in the near future! I'm so sorry that you're having trouble with your siblings! I hope it gets better between you two soon.

Sadly, he won’t realise anything and it won’t get better anytime soon

neither of us can stand the other at the moment and I crave the day he moves out, I don’t want him in my life anymore

not like that

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bruuuh why is your brother so mean to you?

I’d really want to know that, too

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Okay I decided to let you guys know how my brother’s like:

Saturday we fought again and my mom asked us if we want to try to stop talking to one another for as long as possible. We both agreed.

Two days ago my mother and I were in the kitchen, talking and cooking dinner when he came in and put a couple of caramel-snickers from my dad’s into our freezer (don’t ask me, he likes his sweets cold and hard af) and said: ”These are for me, for me, okay” and went away.

So today he wasn’t at home for most of the day and I ate one of his snickers.
A couple of mintues ago he entered my room and asked me where the other (there were only two left, one of which I ate) one was and I told him I ate it.


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[please do not remove source]

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photos of sakurajima, the most active volcano in japan, by (click pic) takehito miyatake (previously featured) and martin rietze. volcanic storms can rival the intensity of massive supercell thunderstorms, but the source of the charge responsible for this phenomenon remains hotly debated.

in the kind of storm clouds that generate conventional lightning, ice particles and soft hail collide, building up positive and negative charges, respectively. they separate into layers, and the charge builds up until the electric field is high enough to trigger lightning.

but the specific mechanism by which particles of differing charges are separated in the ash cloud is still unknown. lightning has been observed between the eruption plume and the volcano right at the start of an eruption, suggesting that there are processes that occur inside the volcano to lead to charge separation.  

volcanic lightning could yield clues about the earth’s geological past, and could answer questions about the beginning of life on our planet. volcanic lightning could have been the essential spark that converted water, hydrogen, ammonia, and methane molecules present on a primeval earth into amino acids, the building blocks of life.

(see also: previous volcanology posts)

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6 selfies 2k14

not a guy, they/them

serious hair goals

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i like 2 swimm m mmblub ubublb ubblbublbu

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rich people be like “oh my shoe untied, I’ll buy a new one

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where do these white dads come from

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This is a little dabble based on flanecitoghei’s drawing of maid Eren. 

Pairing: Ereri 

Eren shifted slightly in his master’s lap, trying his hardest not to press his lower half against the intruding hand beneath his skirt. 

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Maid Eren gives me life.  

//I’m yelling please check out this drabble written by the amazing nispas /)///////(\

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What are you?
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